PIRG stands for the Public Interest Research Group. We're an advocacy group that promotes the public interest.


Every day, someone — whether they’re in Washington, D.C., a state capitol, or a corporate boardroom — makes a decision that will affect you and every one of us. It could be a decision about our health, our safety, our democracy, or on another issue that shapes our lives.


Meanwhile, every year special interest groups spend billions of dollars to influence these decisions. A chemical company hires lobbyists to block against a new safety law. An industry runs ads to roll back a regulation. Someone needs to speak for the public interest. That’s what we do — through research, public education, lobbying, litigation and grassroots action.


We're about standing up for the public interest and doing all we can to win -- the same approach that over the past 45 years has helped us win literally hundreds of victories. Because of these laws and other policies, people are recycling more and wasting less, buying healthier and safer products, getting a better deal on credit card fees and student loans, driving cleaner and safer cars, drinking cleaner water, and living longer, healthier lives.


Right now, we’re working on everything from reducing the overuse of antibiotics in the food industry to defending consumer protections on Wall Street.

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