Since 2011, racial educational equity has been prioritized through the All Hands Raised Partnership, which has the explicit goal of ensuring that, together, we improve educational outcomes and economic mobility for Multnomah County’s 220,000 children, youth and young adults—and in turn strengthen the community’s economic prosperity.

All Hands Raised is the only organization in our community that uses metrics to both extract and evaluate data—empowering more than 200 education and community partners who use the information to identify gaps and root causes and evaluate practices and interventions to improve results. This work is fueled through an active leadership structure, a dynamic staff and with the support of an engaged investor community.

The ideal candidate will sustain and grow the work of the All Hands Raised Partnership with a focus on:

  • Engaging our community in a shared vision, rooted in racial equity to keep us anchored and aligned
  • Creating and sustaining relationships at all levels across all key sectors—from teachers and counselors to superintendents and CEOs in sectors from healthcare to banking to construction and more
  • Believing the wisdom on the ground and advocating for promising practices to influence budgets and policy

Our next CEO will be fiercely committed to authentically prioritizing racial equity and will work to ensure that the organization sustains and grows its work with an emphasis on maximizing its community-wide impact.

Key to this role is the ability to form, maintain and nurture relationships at all levels.

Our next CEO will lead and expand a deeper understanding of the Strive Together national cradle to career network, participating in local and national conversations about educational equity and long term systems change. All Hands Raised is at the forefront of the national cradle to career movement, and our CEO and staff play pivotal roles in the network.

Are you a courageous, bold and kind leader looking to sustain and grow a dynamic and nationally-renowned cradle to career backbone? What we offer:

  • A dynamic and diverse Board of Directors who energize and guide the organization and an experienced, committed and fun staff of 15 that works hard and plays hard—both of which have track records of transparency, humility and courage that will support and inspire our next CEO.
  • Meaningful connections with the individuals who work most closely with our kids and families and deep connections with a Partnership Council of 40+ executive level leaders who believe in the work and serve as advocates and champions.
  • A culture of work-life balance. The team, including the CEO, works hard but recognizes the importance of ongoing self-care.
  • A comprehensive benefits package.

All Hands Raised is committed to our community, to equal employment opportunity and to diversity in our workplace. To apply for this position, please go to the All Hands Raised website to view the Chief Executive Officer job description. Send your resume and cover letter to by Friday, April 19th at 5pm. You can learn more about All Hands Raised at or on social media @allhandsraised.


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