LSNJ, based in Edison, New Jersey, currently has 170 staff and is responsible for some $50 million in public and private grant funds, a large part of which is subgranted to the regional Legal Services organizations. LSNJ has over fifteen specialized direct representation projects, and advocates at the state and national levels in every major area of poverty law. Its legal work is buttressed by numerous essential professional units in poverty research, social work, language services, information technology, multimedia productions, publications, outreach, public information, and development. LSNJ’s staff is very experienced, stable, at the top of their areas of expertise in every major area of law affecting those living in poverty, and deeply committed to their clients and equal justice. LSNJ’s board is deeply engaged in oversight of the organization, and will make the hiring decision.

Recognizing that no one candidate will score highly in every one of the following areas, the successful candidate will evidence the highest overall evaluation across the characteristics set forth below. These areas are not arranged in any particular order of priority, and are not of equal weight.

Organization and leadership

  • Ability to lead within a collaborative, collegial, committed and intensive work environment
  • Experience leading a large non-profit organization, particularly one with characteristics and complexity comparable to those of LSNJ
  • Ability to inspire confidence, trust and dedication in supervised staff
  • Ability to maintain composure and lead in the face of great stress
  • Ability to bring and sustain a high level of enthusiasm and energy
  • Ability to bring skills of conciliation to interactions with employees, as well as the ability to be decisive in irreconcilable situations
  • Ability to lead an organization in a bi-partisan and non-partisan manner when advocating in the public arena

Legal Background

  • Excellent legal and general writing skills
  • Substantial experience supervising lawyers and other legal workers, especially in a non-profit civil legal representation context
  • Knowledge of and experience with the Legal Services program nationally and in New Jersey
  • Excellent reputation for integrity and legal ability
  • Experience with legislative and rulemaking advocacy and processes
  • Experience with complex trial level litigation
  • Experience with significant appellate litigation

Other personal qualities and background

  • Demonstrated ability to relate effectively to people who reflect the demographic diversity of New Jersey residents living in poverty, and who in fact live in poverty
  • Strong academic record
  • Able public speaker
  • Has left previous employment on good terms, without a record of significant problems
  • Absence of negative public perception
  • Absence of public association with partisan political activity.


LSNJ is committed to a workplace built upon fairness, diversity in all of its aspects, a healthy life-work balance, and respect for colleagues and clients. Benefits include comprehensive health and retirement plans and in-house trainings that offer CLE credit.


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