Quick pragmatic strategic thinking

Fast typing

Computer savvy

Uplifting personality

If not fun, at least a focused can-do team member



Executive Assistant Key Responsibilities:

  • Deployment of the CEO in the optimal service of the Foundation purpose
  • Keeping the CEO mindful of priorities and daily responsibilities and actions
  • Keep the CEO prepared for effective planning of upcoming events
  • Maintain awareness of all CEO activities and responsibilities to partner with him/her on fulfillment of these
  • Manage all CEO communications for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Manage CEO schedule for optimal performance as determined by most recent priorities


  • Communicate consistently, effectively and efficiently with CEO for optimal alignment with him/her


  • Manage a vast degree of complexity and uncertainty, and turn visions into simple and workable action steps.
  • Read and analyze incoming emails, submissions and reports to determine their significance and plan their distribution to specific individuals.
  • Directly manage projects on behalf of the executive. This includes working with a variety of departments in highly cross-functional teams.
  • Team effectively on behalf of CEO and yourself with all units as needed
  • Represent CEO as appropriate in transactions and functions with all units
  • Be aware of and monitor all CEO projects and agendas


  • Develop and deploy effective systems to effectively and efficiently fulfill the above responsibilities


Act as a liaison between staff, CEO, and Executive team


Guiding principles:

  • Workability
  • Alignment
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility



  • Service
  • Inclusion
  • Communication
  • Win/win conflict resolution
  • Keeping current and up to date
  • Coachability
  • Learning & Growing




TEAMING—you are a direct mirror to the extent possible of the CEO’s thinking and responsibilities, and such you are an engaged team member with the CEO and all teaming he does. You are developing yourself as an empowering team member, and ultimately, empowering team lead for the CEO. (See rating rubrics for these.)


INFLUENCING—you are responsible to be up to date on CEO initiatives and act as a second set of eyes and ears to leverage all CEO communications and strategies for organizational influence.



  • Execute all needed activities for travel, meeting attendance, etc.
    • This includes travel
    • Conferences, etc.
    • Maintain all record and files
      • This includes profiles of meetings with new people
      • Files for meetings of the day on the CEO desk
      • Filing of emailed documents
  • Scan and file research and other articles
  • Oversee and manage all CEO communications. This includes:
    • Emails to zero by morning
    • Responding to email communications and efficiently informing CEO where appropriate
  • Oversee, manage, and keep up to date CEO’s annual and other strategic documents including:
    • Business plan
    • Project plans
    • Other plans as appropriate
  • Understand, oversee, and direct all appropriate communications regarding publications including magazines, books, online, and other ways the Foundation disseminates effective communication and education
  • Maximize CEO’s efficiency by proactively making sure latest technologies are leveraged (voice dictation, apps, etc.)
  • Oversee, coordinate, schedule, and optimize CEO billing time as the latest strategy dictates. (includes representing CEO billing within framework, ex: Open Book management, to the rest of the staff/team)
  • Oversee and coordinate with all necessary resources to make sure CEO’s digital brand and reputation is optimally managed (confirming appropriate resources are keeping fresh and current information on website, social media, and all other digital assets)
  • Manage CEO action items and communications vis a vis the entire staff (birthday contributions, responses to critical communications, planning, etc.)
  • Report to CEO on current state of the Foundation projects and programs



  • Providing the conditions for the optimal focusing of the CEO on daily and larger time-frame responsibilities



Some examples of the details anticipated in the above sections can be seen below:

  • Send copies of just-released book to publicist and partners
  • IE. Figure out how to get them through customs to Caribbean
  • Correspond with potential new clients to provide materials and schedule introductory meetings
  • Schedule 2-3 radio interview for president and prepare reference notes
  • Schedule 20-30 coaching sessions weekly for President and CEO
  • Assist with setup of trade show and keynote talk for 700 event attendees
  • File both executives¹ correspondence and client notes
  • Send event audio out for transcription or arrange student transcribers
  • Beautify the office space for a VIP visit
  • Attend staff sales meetings and promote programs on your Facebook, LinkedIn, email, etc.
  • Record executive¹s iPhone voicemail greeting and restore data to their iPads
  • Send flowers and a charitable contribution in memory of a business partner; send wedding presents to a client
  • Bring your favorite dish to our quarterly birthday celebration
  • Provide secondary phone support
  • Wrestle a production-quality printer to create event flyers and large
  • glossy copies of marketing materials for executive to review
  • Respond to emails and social media communications from students

Send assessments to executive coaching clients


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