We are an organization that believes rowing transforms lives. Our mission is to bring together communities and boathouses to get more kids on the water; kids who reflect the full diversity of their communities; and to accomplish both those goals with a values-based approach inspired by the legacy of George Pocock (Stan and Lucy Pocock too. Give all three a Google). We’re not looking for incremental change. As Executive Director you’ll be leading a revolution. Last year, our programs served over 22,000 youth in the Northwest and nationwide. In 2020, that will grow substantially. Our strategic plan calls for us to double our impact within 3-5 years. That will take a lot of smart and hard work, but it should also be fun and rewarding. Admittedly we’re biased, but we aspire for this to be the best job in rowing (and youth sports in general).

With a primary focus on youth participation, the GPRF programs and scholarship support creates a more inclusive and accessible rowing community for any and all youth. We hold excellence and access to be two sides of the same coin and use this belief to guide our decision making.

George Pocock Rowing Foundation mission statement:  To build and support high quality programs and facilities that promote access to rowing, excellence in rowing, and use rowing as a means to foster physical activity, health, leadership, and community engagement.

A successful applicant should have a demonstrated ability to lead a mission-driven organization through experience with the following:

  • Mission Driven Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Partner, Stakeholder & Supporter Engagement
  • Growth Mindset
  • Financial Acumen
  • Relevant Leadership Experience
  • Passion and Commitment
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
  • Vision Oriented
  • A direct connection to or knowledge of rowing is preferred, but not required


You are responsible for increasing the number and diversity of youth who row. You achieve your results in 3 primary ways: 1) Building a highly engaged coalition of stakeholders to put our guiding belief, vision and mission into action. 2) Collaborating with that coalition to innovate scalable ways for more youth to find, start, and stay rowing. 3) Developing and inspiring a talented staff to help you make it all happen sustainably.

You are a dynamic leader and skilled manager with overall accountability for the GPRF’s operational, financial and human resource results (this includes oversight of GPRF-owned and operated boathouses). You are a role model and champion of the Pocock family’s rowing legacy.



  • Design and execute a new role for the GPRF as an innovation hub¾operating in service to boathouses and communities¾bringing them together to identify and implement scalable solutions to the biggest challenges and opportunities in youth rowing (see second bullet).
  • Build a broad coalition of highly engaged stakeholders who work together to design and implement programs and solutions that expand the number and diversity of youth who row.



  • Safety, Security & Compliance: Policies, procedures and training ensure the ongoing safety and security of our people (#1 for everyone) and assets. We are compliant with all federal, state and local regulations.
  • Management: The work is executed (planning, staffing, directing, organizing and controlling) effectively, efficiently and sustainably with thoughtfulness and a high attention to detail.
  • Human Resources: A talented and engaged team is hired, developed and retained.
  • Financial: Fundraising goals and budgets are achieved sustainably and ethically.
  • Marketing and Public Relations: Our partner and supporter base grows every year. Stakeholders know who we are, what we do, why it is important, and how they can help.
  • Board Relations: Effective and timely communication and information sharing between Staff and Board supports successful collaboration.
  • Diversity, Inclusion & Equity: You make sure all voices are represented, heard, and able to participate and asked to participate. This includes, but is not limited, to an intentional effort to include those who have traditionally been underrepresented (that includes the board of directors).
  • Legacy: You are a role model and champion the Pocock family’s rowing legacy; stakeholders carry that legacy forward.
  • Advocacy: You are the visible, trusted, and respected “face” and “voice” of the GPRF and for the sport.



  • You have a voice and vision and lead the way.
  • You are the catalyst who brings more and more people together around our mission.
  • You are passionate about your work, the foundation, and our sport, and it’s obvious to others.


  • You treat everyone with respect and dignity on the water and off (even when it’s a little rough or choppy).
  • You are a skilled and thoughtful listener.
  • You communicate simply, consistently, and effectively (without losing your personality), including the what, why, and how behind actions and decisions.
  • You give and take constructive feedback, seeing it as a gift (knowing there are times when you feel like it’s all you may hear as a non-profit leader J).

Action Orientation

  • Your action and results speaking louder than your words.
  • You connect the dots to solve problems creatively and efficiently.
  • You juggle many different priorities, tasks, and deadlines like a pro (at the same time and on the go).
  • You are consistently persistent, resilient, patient, and positive (celebrating the progress made every day).
  • You plan for the impact action and decision have on people, processes, and the organization.


  • You execute with a high attention to detail (proactively whenever possible) even with lots of distractions and demands.
  • You work effectively both independently and on teams and with other individuals and teams  (and in ways that inspires and motivates others).
  • You own your behavior and performance; you are self-aware, curious to learn more, and to be more effective.


  • You are a trusted partner and resource for others. You mean and do what you say; people count on you.
  • You focus on doing right, not being right (leaving the ego on the dock).
  • You value others opinions, input and contributions and they know it through the empathy and emotional intelligence you demonstrate.
  • You are a role model a culture of gratitude, understanding that success in our sport is never achieved alone.


  • You pitch in to help with other duties as needed or required.
  • You understand your responsibilities will change and evolve, as the GPRF’s needs change.

Key Relationships:     

Reports to Board of Directors


Base $95-130K DOE  

Bonus: Up to 10% of annual base pay based on achievement of mutually established goals.


Health insurance

Paid time off

Flexible work schedules

Retirement benefits

Start date:                       

Flexible: Targeting late spring / early summer 2020

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer. -All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.

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