The Interim Executive Director of NRCM will serve as the leader of the organization for 8-18-months, working closely with the Board and staff to ready the organization for a new permanent Executive Director.


National Resources Council of Maine | Interim Executive Director | August, ME (Hybrid)

About NRCM

NRCM is the leading and largest non-profit environmental advocacy organization in Maine, with a 60+ year history that includes leadership in achieving some of the state's most important environmental victories. NRCM today consists of 24 staff members and is supported by more than 30,000 dues-paying members and supporters from across Maine and beyond. NRCM is a 501(c)(3) corporation with an annual operating budget of more than $4 million and an endowment of approximately $14 million and is widely recognized as one of the most effective and respected state-based environmental organizations in the country,with successes that include many first-in-the-nation laws emulated in other states.

Being a results-oriented advocacy organization, NRCM has a long list of accomplishments. Highlights include:

•Protecting Maine Rivers – Protected the Allagash Wilderness Waterway at the federal level; reduced paper mill pollution through multiple new laws; secured removal of the Edwards Dam on the Kennebec River and Ft. Halifax Dam on the Sebasticook River and played a lead role in the Penobscot River Restoration Project—enabling millions of fish to reach critical spawning habitat; and led passage of the strongest law protecting the environment from mineral mining law.

• Promoting Climate Action and Clean Energy – Played lead role in creating the Efficiency Maine Trust; drafted Maine's first law setting climate reduction goals; helped shape Maine's wind power development laws; played lead role in passing legislation that has dramatically boosted solar energy; helped secure Maine's adoption of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative; and helped draft the law creating the Maine Climate Council and Maine's Climate Action Plan.

• Promoting Recycling and Reducing Waste – Provided leadership in adoption and defense of Maine's "Bottle Bill"; helped secure passage of product stewardship laws requiring manufacturers to finance collection of mercury-containing products; provided leadership in passing a first-in-the-nation producer responsibility law for packaging waste; and achieved reforms to prevent huge volumes of out-of-state waste from being dumped in Maine landfills.
Protecting Maine's Forests and Wildlife – Helped write Maine's Forest Practices Act; played lead role forcing a major proposed development near Moosehead Lake to reduce wilderness sprawl; played key role in helping create Maine's system of ecological reserves; played a significant role in campaigns to secure funding for the Land for Maine's Future program; and was instrumental in helping secure establishment of the Katahdin Woods & Waters National Monument.

Commitment to Environmental Justice and Inclusion

The Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) recognizes that environmental issues affect communities differently and that, historically, environmental policies and practices have not been equitable to all. To address these injustices, NRCM is committed to providing all Maine residents and visitors with clean water, clean air, and healthy forests. We recognize that NRCM's mission – to protect, restore, and conserve Maine's environment, now and for future generations – is best advanced by the leadership, experiences, and values of people from diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures. Threats to the environment disproportionately impact historically marginalized communities. We envision and work toward a Maine that recognizes the effect environmental degradation has on its inhabitants and whose residents feel empowered to participate in the protection and conservation of their state's natural heritage. NRCM recognizes and honors the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Mi'kmaq Nation, and Maliseet Tribes of Maine, collectively Wabanaki, which translates as "People of the Dawn." These Tribes have stewarded Maine for generations, stretching back to before colonial settlers forcibly occupied the area. NRCM is committed to actively using our voices, our resources, and our power to support Tribes of the Wabanaki Confederacy. For more information, please go to:

NRCM's Advocacy Work

State House Advocacy

NRCM is the state's leading environmental advocate at the State House, utilizing its policy advocates and outreach staff to track and influence dozens of bills every legislative session. The organization drafts legislation and amendments, testifies before multiple committees, works with coalitions on legislative strategies, and provides direct support to elected officials as they seek passage of important legislative proposals across a broad range of issues. Advocacy team members work closely with the organizations Communications experts to educate members and the public and enable them to make their voices heard to elected officials using leading-edge tools.

Washington Watch

Decisions made in Washington, D.C., have lasting effects on Maine's clean air and water, our thriving forests and wildlife, and on the health of Maine people, our economy, and our way of life. NRCM works directly with Maine's congressional delegation and with a broad coalition of national environmental organizations and in-state allies to help ensure that policy decisions in Maine contribute to the protection of Maine's environment.

NRCM's Programs

Climate and Clean Energy

NRCM is a leader in advocating for policies to reduce the threat of climate change and promote renewable energy. The organization is working with Administration officials, technical experts, legislators, community leaders, state and national environmental organizations, and many other allies to build momentum for deep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and a rapid transition to a clean energy grid that powers our businesses, homes, and transportation and heating systems.

Healthy Waters

NRCM plays a critical role in preventing pollution to Maine waterways and advocating for policies to improve the health of our rivers, lakes, and streams and the communities, wildlife, and fisheries that depend on those waters. NRCM focuses on removal of obsolete dams that block fish migration, toxic pollution sources such as mineral mining, and watchdogging permit applications and policy proposals that could threaten Maine waters.

Forests and Wildlife

NRCM works to protect Maine's natural areas, wildlife habitat, and the undeveloped character and unique resources of Maine's North Woods. We support responsible land development and sustainable forest practices that protect sensitive ecosystems and habitat. We advocate for increased public ownership of Maine lands to improve access to the natural world for Maine people and visitors today and for future generations. While development pressures and the loss of public access continue to intensify, NRCM remains a leading voice for balancing economic development in Maine's North Woods with conservation.


NRCM's Sustainable Maine program takes a practical, collaborative approach to addressing environmental problems faced by Maine people, businesses, and communities, particularly in demonstrating how to better prevent and manage waste. NRCM seeks to achieve systemic changes in policies and practices at the local and state levels to reduce the environmental impacts of our daily lives. The organization has helped achieve many first-in-the-nation policies to reduce plastic, packaging, and difficult to manage wastes, and works to ensure that corporations responsible for generating waste become part of the solution for recycling, reduced packaging, and design changes in products. NRCM taps into the state's strong tradition of local action to help protect the environment.

About the Position

The Interim Executive Director of NRCM will serve as the leader of the organization for 8-18-months, working closely with the Board and staff to ready the organization for a new permanent Executive Director. The Interim Executive Director mobilizes and communicates with Board members, staff, organizational partners, key stakeholders, and NRCM members to effectively carry out NRCM's mission. They maintain NRCM's leadership role among environmental advocacy organizations in Maine and provide oversight to support consistent achievement of the mission, programs, financial objectives, and strategic plan.

The Interim Executive Director will generally be on site 3-4 days per week. In the first three months, the Interim Executive Director will be responsible for conducting a comprehensive assessment of the organization and presenting recommendations that will maximize the current strengths of the organization, including recommending changes where needed, and position NRCM well for long-term growth and continued accomplishment.

Key Responsibilities
Essential Functions

• Lead NRCM's internal and external operations and relationships using effective communications strategies and collaborative approaches that represent NRCM's values and mission.
• Work with Board and senior staff to track and measure progress against NRCM's strategic plan and vision.
• In collaboration with senior staff and Board, oversee implementation of work plans, and lead and motivate staff in achieving the organization's financial and programmatic goals.
•Analyze staff composition and effectiveness across departments; recommend required changes.
•Assess effective interdepartmental communication methods and recommend enhancements as needed.
•Oversee the financial health of the organization.
• Work with the union and implement communication methods as necessary.

Leadership and Management

• Lead with integrity, innovation, and accountability by building a supportive and committed organizational infrastructure that fosters communication and connection among the Interim ED, staff, and the Board.
• Maintain a culture that attracts and retains diverse, high-quality staff and is equitable, inclusive, tolerant, and accepting of different cultures, perspectives, and viewpoints, and where each staff member, Board member, and volunteer is encouraged to freely participate and contribute to NRCM's mission and its success.
• Support and strengthen an experienced senior leadership team and supervise performance to ensure achievement of programmatic and financial goals.
•As needed, recruit, hire, and assist with onboarding of new senior staff members to fulfill essential functions as approved by the board in the FY25 budget.
• Be an effective listener, solicit input and feedback from staff, and take the time necessary to learn the roles, responsibilities, and internal operations and systems required to run the organization effectively.
•Facilitate collaboration and effective team-based approaches across the organization to foster creativity, promote common purpose, and increase prospects for success.
•Ensure that all current policies of the organization are followed, assess potential deficiencies, and recommend enhancements as needed.
•Recommend to the Board and oversee a budget that ensures NRCM is a financially viable, sustainable organization with the resources to meet current needs and future growth.
• Ensure that a clear, accurate and standard accounting system is maintained.
•Monitor the financial condition of the organization and report to the Finance Committee and Board on relevant financial issues before each Committee and Board meeting.

Collaboration with Board of Directors

• Serve as the primary liaison between the Board and staff, ensuring appropriate and adequate information flow and communications.

• Ensure that all Board resolutions and actions are adopted when necessary are carried out as intended.

• Together with the Board Chair, cultivate and maintain a Board culture that supports high-level engagement in the organization and understanding of its issues, mission, and functions.

• Ensure regular, timely and accurate reporting to the Board on all aspects of the organization, including progress toward strategic goals.

•Maintain an open line of communication and keep the Board apprised on a timely basis, especially on key issues and developments.

Fundraising & Advocacy

• Serve as a spokesperson, advocate, and ambassador when necessary and appropriate.
•Engage in high level development functions, including major donor cultivation and ongoing relationship-building, as appropriate, with support from development staff and Board.
• Engage Board members in ongoing and targeted fundraising activities.
• Engage with the Board and pertinent staff in developing strategies to improve and significantly increase NRCM membership.
•Continue to advance NRCM's diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice initiatives including continuing to advance NRCM's partnership with representatives of Maine's Tribes.
•Gain a solid understanding of advocacy work and roles, as well as current and future opportunities and challenges, and recommend adjustments and improvements as needed.
• Support NRCM's advocacy work, including outreach, communications, and issue campaigns.
• Provide leadership in building organizational consensus on policy and program matters by engaging Board members, obtaining Board approval as necessary or advisable, and involving senior staff as appropriate and necessary.

Key Qualifications

•Minimum eight years nonprofit leadership, management, and strategic planning experience in an environmental or public interest advocacy organization or comparable entity.
•Demonstrated experience and ability to work with staff as a willing and competent listener, keeping an "open door" policy where staff can interact and collaborate where ideas and suggestions from staff are encouraged, and where staff and the Interim ED develop trust and a positive rapport.
• Demonstrated experience in working with and effectively communicating with a nonprofit board.
• Demonstrated ability to lead, manage and supervise senior level staff, including an understanding and demonstrated experience in effectively managing through challenges.
•Demonstrated knowledge of and/or passion for a broad range of environmental issues.
•Familiarity with best practices in nonprofit fundraising through multiple channels, including major gifts, foundations, membership, corporate support, and events.
• Experience in dealing with unions, collective bargaining, and ideally a basic understanding of the roles of the Maine Service Employees Association (MSEA) and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and how these entities relate to NRCM's union.

NRCM is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion, physical/mental ability, sexual orientation, or national origin. NRCM will provide reasonable accommodation to employees with disabilities where appropriate.

Determinations on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.

As a science-based organization, NRCM must be a leader in supporting the evidence that the COVID-19 vaccine is safe, effective, and essential to curbing the pandemic. NRCM has therefore implemented a mandatory vaccination policy for all employees and interns. In the case of an exemption request, HR will make the final determination. As of November 1, 2021, we require all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The compensation range for this position is $135,000-$160,000 commensurate with experience.

To express interest, please submit your application here (cover letter and resume required).

For more information, please visit

For more information about Natural Resources Council of Maine, please visit

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