engages the public in public schools by giving people a simple, accountable, and personal way to address educational inequity. In this clip, board member Stephen Colbert tells the organization’s story.

Since its launch in 2000, more than 3.7 million “citizen philanthropists” have donated to classroom projects on, channeling books, field trips, technology, and other resources to more than 34 million students in public schools, overwhelmingly from low-income households. Along the way, the organization helped to pioneer the field of crowdfunding and is now making an impact beyond school supplies.

Through its dedicated team and culture, earned recognition as the #1 “Best Nonprofit to Work For” by the Nonprofit Times.

Who we are:

As the Fulfillment Operations & Strategy team, we support the workflows and systems that ensure a streamlined experience so our donors, teachers, and students expectations are met – whether it’s to ensure a box of crayons is delivered or tickets to a museum are ready the day of a trip. We are central to a large effort that seeks to deliver on both the material promise and financial transparency for our organization.

Primary Responsibilities:

In this role, you’ll support our team to provide best in class fulfillment operations for everyone. Reporting to the Senior Director of Fulfillment Operations and Strategy, you’ll advocate for our team goals, champion staff professional development, and identify ways to improve how we deliver materials and experiences with the help of colleagues and our vendors. You’ll use your knowledge of our fulfillment process to:

  • Manage up to 10 full-time and part-time direct reports and collaborate with key stakeholders to improve staff experience and enhance our process planning.

    • Coordinate and plan professional development opportunities for the team, including creating new resources, planning staff retreats, and identifying opportunities for additional growth.
    • Analyze team trends in training, policy, and process questions to help formulate and implement innovative solutions.
    • Create and improve all resources and daily practices for onboarding, offboarding, and other staff management responsibilities including tracking time off, creating weekly schedules, and submitting payroll for our team.
    • Maintain an engaged and highly satisfied user-focused team by use of sharing and improving on internal and external performance metrics like NPS, CSAT, etc.
    • Model and support effective communication, including providing transparency and user focused next steps for direct reports, the team, and other stakeholders.
    • Develop and standardize knowledge management and documentation for policy, process, training, etc. across the team.
    • Collaborate with internal teams to craft, implement and maintain our policies and culture for all team members, including our part-time staff.  
  • Support fulfillment operations, iterating on our systems and process to support our key metrics and goals.
    • Improve operational efficiency for staff, vendor, and teachers, with keen project management, attention to detail, and ability to balance staff support across all workflows.
    • Provide regular status updates including accomplishments and obstacles that require additional resources to successfully deliver on project goals.
    • Track the overall success of our fulfillment metrics, including collaborating with colleagues to build new processes and creative solutions that maintain the highest fulfillment operation standards possible.
    • Support other initiatives as necessary.
  • Actively engage with teammates to create a united culture, which includes a positive and productive work environment.
    • Lead hiring, training, and retention of a smart, empathetic, efficient team.
    • Manage consistent and effective staff engagement, growth and professional development opportunities, including documenting expectations and shared goals.
    • Maintain a tight feedback cycle to continuously inform and take quick action to improve our work and team equity, including being inspired by best practices across the org and in the industry.
    • Develop a clear strategy to grow and retain staff that mutually benefits our team’s vision to scale and support our mission.

This position might be for you if:

  • You’re experienced at managing people and growing talent. You know how to coach, train, give feedback, and provide direction. You take pride in your team members hitting goals by working hard and working smart.  A coffee mug with “World’s Best Coach” could easily be found on your desk.  You’ve got a list of resources to help people develop their skills and a deep network to learn from other industry experts.
  • You’re a natural leader who likes to strategize and help others. You know that great people need top-notch processes. You can look at our team goals and plan what needs to be created, developed, and improved to keep our team motivated and supported. You've been praised by your colleagues in the past for zooming into the details and zooming out to look at the bigger picture. You’re an expert at helping people tackle challenges and getting resources for your team.
  • You’re an operations and systems-minded wizard. We are looking for someone who is logistically savvy! You are constantly thinking of new ways to “make the implicit explicit” by creating processes and workflows that provide seamless user experiences.  You like following a project from start to finish and you have a clear vision for how to accomplish your goals. You can easily see different solutions to meeting your goals. You’re data savvy and like to work together solve challenges.
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