Position Summary:

Provide direct support services to the NRD Chain of Command by ensuring proper screening of all Warrior Challenge candidates in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP), and provide feedback to the NRC HQ Warrior Challenge Program Managers. Program policy requires a minimum of three PSTs with successful results to be administered to candidates prior to shipping to Recruit Training Command (RTC). The PST shall be conducted per MILPERSMAN 1220-410 (series). At least one initial test shall be administered prior to contracting a particular candidate (qualifying PST). Another test shall be administered every 45 days, while the future sailor is in the DEP. A final PST shall be administered within 14 days of the future sailor shipping to RTC (the 14-day PST). Every effort shall be made to ensure future sailors are afforded the opportunity to meet the testing requirements. Therefore, PST administration shall be scheduled at regularly recurring intervals throughout each month in order to allow all parties to effectively schedule the PST in advance. Furthermore, PST administration locations must be well distributed throughout the various NRDs to accommodate all geographic regions. PST scheduling and administration shall allow for flexibility in order to accommodate exceptions to the general scheduling rule.


  • Maintain a direct working relationship with the NRC HQ Warrior Challenge Program Managers in order to gain support of active duty SEAL/SWCC/EOD/DIVER/AIRR personnel for specific “large event” recruiting events targeting athletes. Mentors shall also work together with the NRD Warrior Challenge Coordinator (Active Military) to perform all aspects of testing. As well as maintain accurate records of travel, activity, testing, results, etc. in NRD files. The mentor will be familiar with all aspects of the job, test sites and Centers of Influence.
  • Utilize the NRC HQ Warrior Challenge Program Managers as the source of information for Warrior Challenge training in order to adequately train, brief, and inform recruiting personnel and future sailors to keep them abreast of changes in these programs.
  • Organize, collect, analyze and present statistical information related to the tracking of enlisted Warrior Challenge applicants and NRC HQ goal attainment, using CSORTS and applications or software used to record, track and evaluate PSTs. The contractor shall review all applicant accession packages and assist in submitting qualified accession packages to NRC HQ. The contractor shall adhere to NRC HQ Operational Guidance for Recruitments and Processing of Warrior Challenge Candidates.
  • Support NRD recruiting efforts as the Warrior Challenge subject matter expert to identify potential, qualified applicants. Be available to assist the NRD in local communities in establishing relationships with targeted centers of influence to help identify candidates that would successfully meet the Warrior Challenge program requirements.
  • Assist efforts to establish and maintain records of Warrior Challenge contracts and their status in the DEP, specifically with regard to their performance on Physical Screening Tests (PST). The contracting firm will provide a quarterly compilation of this data to NRC HQ. The format for this report will be finalized prior to contract being awarded.
  • Serve as the subject matter expert and direct liaison between NRC HQ Warrior Challenge Program Managers and NRDs. In conjunction with the Warrior Challenge program managers, provide support services to the NRD leadership by effectively answering inquiries about Warrior Challenge career opportunities to determine whether a prospect is eligible or not for Warrior Challenge programs, using established program guidelines.
  • Provide first hand mentorship to Warrior Challenge candidates in three critical areas: (1) increase awareness and enhanced physical standards for Warrior Challenge programs, (2) increase Warrior Challenge program knowledge for candidates, and (3) understanding of Warrior Challenge values and ethos. It is also expected that oversight of candidates be maintained even while they are at RTC by the RTC Mentor/Coordinator.
  • Assist NRDs with the coordination of Warrior Challenge recruiting events with NRC HQ Warrior Challenge Program Managers’ office and provide feedback on the success and viability of such events. These events will target athletes and support will be provided by NSW/NSO/AIRR personnel who are aware of the changing operational and training requirements of Warrior Challenge forces.
  • In coordination with the mentors’ regularly recurring PST/training schedule, assist in the presentation of Warrior Challenge briefings at high schools, colleges or other targeted Warrior Challenge events, for the purpose of educating prospective targeted markets and assisting recruiters with obtaining referrals to NSW/NSO/AIRR or other Navy programs.
  • Be responsible for delivering qualified recruits to the respective communities’ preparatory course/school via RTC by working closely with the Warrior Challenge future sailors to maximize their potential in the SEAL/SWCC/EOD/ND/AIRR training pipelines.
  • Increase awareness of PST standards throughout the NRD for Warrior Challenge programs, to achieve a pass and remain rate at RTC of 85% or better. The pass and remain rate is determined by the equation below.
  • Maintain “Volunteer Drops” in the Warrior Challenge programs at RTC to less than 10%. A volunteer drop is defined as a candidate who no longer desires to continue with training while at RTC and is initiated solely by the applicant. Volunteer Drops are determined by the equation below.
  • Provide monthly planner to NRD Chain of Command no later than the 3rd of every month. Planner should include a schedule (can be tentative) regarding PST/training sessions, presentations, special events and applicant preparation, etc. Activities for the following week will be discussed with the chain of command no later than each Friday.
  • Give presentations at DEP meetings with the intention of identifying potential Warrior Challenge applicants. With the assistance of the Warrior Challenge Coordinator, a presentation should be made at pre-arranged test sites for the NRD DEP pool a minimum of once every 6 months.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • High school graduate or equivalent.

Required Qualifications/Experience:

  • Have a proficient understanding and working knowledge of computer e-mail, voice mail, and technical support services to perform duties.
  • Maintain a professional appearance while executing Warrior Challenge program activities. Attire shall clearly identify the contractor as non-Navy. Contractor shall determine specific mentor attire, and shall be the contractor’s responsibility at no additional cost to the government.
  • Effective communicator both verbally and written.
  • Maintain a high degree of personal fitness. Contractor needs to lead by example in this area. Specifically the contractor must be able to maintain an exemplary degree of physical fitness. One of the contractor’s primary duties involves administering the Physical Screening Test (PST) to all applicants. Therefore the contractor must meet a level of fitness to inspire applicants by meeting the height/weight requirements set forth in OPNAVINST 6110.1(Series) (Physical Readiness Program).
  • Possess the ability to demonstrate and explain all points of performance for exercises included in the PST as described in MILPERSMAN 1220-410 (Series).
  • Contractor personnel will be required to effectively communicate through pro-active mentorship and leadership skills that they developed while on active duty. This mentorship and leadership of Warrior Challenge

Required Education/Certifications:

  • Education – High school graduate or equivalent.
  • Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license throughout period of contract. Any conviction is grounds to end the contract with the Contractor, due to the requirement for the Contractor to maintain a valid driver’s license and responsibility to Warrior Challenge candidates and their safety at all times. An example would be a “driving under the influence” (DUI) conviction.

Preferred Skills/Experience:

  • It is required that the personnel be a former SEAL, SWCC, EOD, Diver, AIRR or equivalent special warfare experience who served in various leadership and operational positions in their community while on active duty. Their representation of the high fitness standards of the SEAL, SWCC, EOD, DIVER, AIRR or equivalent special warfare experience communities is desired in order to be a more effective mentor, leader and communicator to both potential and current future sailors in DEP.
  • Personnel shall have either retired or left their respective community in good standing with a minimum of an Honorable Discharge.
  • Personnel must convey a professional and physically fit demeanor at all times.

Associated topics: crew, electrician, hvac, mechanic, officer, operation, operator, public safety, public safety officer, reservationist

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