Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct a minimum of three field missions each year to research forced displacement and migration flows into Europe, primarily through North Africa. Research will be conducted through interviews with those affected and with key stakeholders including NGO and UN personnel, government officials and academics. Draft public advocacy reports based on those missions.
  • Monitor the treatment of the forcibly displaced in North Africa.
  • Monitor European asylum policy, including adherence to country-specific and international obligations, and draft policy proposals and RI products to strengthen asylum protection.
  • Devise and carry out advocacy strategies to pursue the objectives on North Africa and Europe in RI’s strategic plan. Work closely with colleagues to develop and carry out the agreed-upon strategy.
  • Advocate with the U.S. government, the U.S. Congress, the United Nations, the European Union, concerned European and Northern African governments, as well as  relevant entities in Europe and North Africa to press for improved policies towards refugees and displaced individuals particularly in light of the current migration crisis, and to ensure appropriate funding and protection mechanisms for those programs and individuals.
  • Strategize and, where appropriate, lead relevant coalitions to enhance RI’s visibility and impact.
  • Summarize the analysis of the mission findings and develop recommendations for how to best address these issues through written reports, issue briefs, blogs, and social media.
  • Collaborate with fellow advocates and other RI staff to advance organizational thinking on key issues and to support the achievement of the organization’s mission.
  • Contribute to RI’s communications and visibility efforts by undertaking media relations activities (including but not limited to on-air interviews with media) and by preparing regular blogs, op-eds and articles for publication by RI.
  • Contribute to fundraising efforts by meeting donors, contributing to donor proposals and reports and giving public presentations on displacement issues.
  • Perform other reasonably related duties as assigned.

Special Education/Experience Requirements:

A graduate/professional degree in international relations, political science, humanitarian/human rights issues, law, or a related discipline. Five to seven years advocacy work on human rights/humanitarian advocacy-related issues in Europe, North Africa and/or areas of migration flows involving Europe. First-hand experience of humanitarian crises in the field.

Special Knowledge/Skills Requirements:

Familiarity with the key agencies of the international humanitarian system and the strengths and weaknesses of this system. Demonstrated knowledge of human rights/humanitarian issues within the European context and refugee and asylum law. Extensive network of governmental and non-governmental contacts in North Africa and Europe is desirable. Excellent communication skills, especially writing and public speaking and very strong interpersonal skills. Fluency in either French or Arabic (or both) is highly desirable. Willingness to work in difficult and potentially dangerous locations. A commitment to teamwork, as well as flexibility and a sense of humor.

  • Expected Salary: $80,000-$90,000, depending on background and experience.


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