Lutheran Social Services has an exciting opportunity for a Vice President of Programs to lead and grow our human services programming. The Vice President of Programs (VPP) is responsible for leading and managing Lutheran Social Services’ programs to maximize positive impact for our clients and the community. Reporting to the President and forming an integral part of the Lutheran Social Services executive team, the Vice President of Programs provides strategic and operational insights to the CEO


For more than 100 years, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) has provided people in need with the most basic of human needs: food, shelter, safety and healing. Over time our services have evolved to meet the needs of the people we serve—and in doing so, we have grown into one of the largest nonprofits in central Ohio. LSS is a Network of Hope offering food through our LSS Food Pantries, housing and supportive services through LSS Faith Mission and LSS Faith Mission of Fairfield County homeless shelters, linkages and referrals to basic needs through LSS 211 Central Ohio, and domestic violence services through LSS CHOICES for Victims of Domestic Violence. Additionally, we operate senior living and health care, affordable housing communities and other services that uplift families and strengthen communities. 

Lutheran Social Services has an exciting opportunity for a Vice President of Programs to lead and grow our human services programming.  The Vice President of Programs (VPP) is responsible for leading and managing Lutheran Social Services’ programs to maximize positive impact for our clients and the community. Reporting to the President and forming an integral part of the Lutheran Social Services executive team, the Vice President of Programs provides strategic and operational insights to the CEO and the board to continuously improve CSS’ human service programs and mission effectiveness.
In collaboration with the CEO, the VPP will help articulate and implement the strategic vision and leadership of LSS; oversee a significant portfolio of programs and related services; evaluate the effectiveness of programs to provide ongoing feedback; help to grow, promote, and diversify funding through effective resource stewardship at an agency with a healthy mix of government funding and private philanthropic support; work in coordination with the CEO to help raise the organization’s profile through external communications; provide mentoring, guidance, supervision, and professional development to all leadership staff; and enhance the structure of the organization by staying abreast of developments in all core areas and new areas of programmatic growth and development.
The VPP will oversee a multi- county program portfolio that includes: 1) homelessness prevention services; 2) food access services; 3) Federally Qualified Healthcare facility; 4) domestic violence services; 5) Veterans’ Services; 6) referral call center.


  • Lead Human Services programs to make a positive impact for clients and the community. 
    • Ensure programs are designed, implemented, and evaluated to maximize positive impact.
      • Lead strategic planning and implementation process through annual goal setting and on-going strategic decision making.
      • Facilitate program design and evolution process with President, Quality Assurance, and Program Directors.
      • Learn from and evolve with the Program Performance and Quality Improvement process to ensure that programs are of high quality and impactful. Monitor changes, including evolving client needs and environmental challenges and opportunities, and adapt programs accordingly.
      • Build and strengthen a data-driven culture to drive design and quality improvement.
    • Build internal and external partnerships to strengthen and grow collaborative efforts capable of better serving LSS clients.
  • Manage programs for quality, capacity, and efficiency.
    • Quality: Ensure programs follow legal, funder, regulatory body, and accreditation standards. Maintain high levels of client satisfaction in service delivery.
    • Capacity: Ensure programs are running at full capacity. Support directors to bring in additional clients as needed through marketing, partnership development and management. Ensure full and professional staffing.
    • Efficiency: Minimize time and resource waste and monitor the cost per unit of service for programs. Work closely with the finance department to budget and monitor programmatic operations to ensure sound fiscal and system management.
  • Maximize revenue to support identified program priorities. 
    • Oversee grants application and execution on all grant expectations, including convening a cross-functional team including Finance, Quality Assurance, Program Support, Program Directors, and Development to maximize dollars and minimize effort through the process.
    • Seek and develop sustainable, diverse funding strategies to ensure ongoing service delivery.
    • Maximize fee for service revenue through CMS where possible.
    • Maintain strong relationships with funders.
  • Provide strategic leadership to organization.
    • Reinforce organizational values and strengthen the LSS culture.
    • Ensure programmatic and client needs are represented effectively when organizational decisions are being made. Anticipate the impact of changing needs and make appropriate changes. Recommend innovative approaches and programs that match organizational mission.
    • Provide ongoing direction, coaching and supervision for Program Directors and other direct reports. Identify talent for future growth and provide opportunities for learning. 
    • Provide leadership and support to both internal and external committees, including the Executive Team, Leadership Team, Human Services Team, Board and Human Services Committee.
    • Represent Lutheran Social Services’ interests to partners and the community.

Executive Director CHOICES; Executive Director – Faith Mission; Director – Faith Mission Fairfield County; Director – Food Pantry Services;; Executive Director-211 Central Ohio; Grants Manager – Public Funding; Quality Assurance Director

EDUCATION:  Bachelor’s degree required; advanced degree in Social Work, Business/Public Administration or a related field is strongly desired.


  • A minimum of eight years leadership experience in a nonprofit, government, or philanthropy, overseeing multiple programs or contracts ideally at an organization serving low-income communities.
  • Expertise in one or more of the following service areas: domestic violence, homelessness, healthcare, behavioral health,


  • Program Life Cycle Management
    • Monitor changes in the environment, including responding to evolving client needs and opportunities, and provide strategic direction and facilitate program adjustment based on that information.
    • Work together with the President, the Quality Assurance Sr. Director, and Program Directors to manage programs across the program life cycle: design, launch, grow, oversee, adapt, contract, and close. Utilize a theory of change model (we use the logic model) to illustrate program design, then set realistic metrics for outcomes and quality, and manage to metrics. Facilitate the Performance and Quality Improvement process to create a learning culture to facilitate ongoing improvement.
    • Work together with Quality Assurance to strengthen the program infrastructure: program documents (e.g. assessments, intake forms), processes, training, on-boarding, software support, and policies.
    • Leverage LSS’ strengths for growth, e.g. build off of client knowledge, process expertise, and administrative capacity.
  • Human Service Expertise
    • Keep abreast of best practices, sector trends, regulations, compliance standards, and research in human services and the nonprofit sector.
    • Synthesize and represent the challenges shared by front line team members about the issues that their clients are facing and how those challenges are evolving.
    • Model appropriate professional behavior and encourage staff members to act in a professional manner.
    • Strengthen diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural competency in the organization and in our programs.
  • Grants Management
    • Oversee Grants Management Process from the development of government grant applications to overseeing execution on all grant expectations.
    • Partner with the Finance team to support their design of grant budgets. Provide strong financial management of grants ensuring compliance.
    • Model sound budget and financial management and build such skills within staff reports.
    • Project revenue in light of changing funding priorities and provide effective financial management as funding streams change.
    • Collaborate with the executive team to advance and balance organizational priorities and program needs in light of budget considerations.
  • Project Management and Process Improvement /Operational Agility
    • Understand subordinates’ challenges, work together effectively with other departments to facilitate organizational improvement, and strengthen organizational communication by being an effective conduit of information and expectations between programs and executive team.
    • Guide multiple team members toward an end goal. Break down complex issues and workflows into manageable tasks to facilitate process improvement.
    • Identify ways to make existing programs and/or the structure that supports them more efficient, effective, and/or impactful.
    • Have experience with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (a plus).

Management and Leadership

  • Strategic Agility & Growth Mindset
    • Demonstrate ability to understand detailed information across a range of programs, adapt to changes, and explore the future.
    • Innovate, take risk, pilot, and then capitalize on what works.
    • Connect the dots between organizational priorities and align resources according to strategic priorities.
    • Possess a data and analytics mindset to allow for decision making with speed and prudent risk taking.
    • Bring curiosity, possibility, and a can-do, collaborative spirit to challenges.
  • Culture and Staff Development
    • Recruit, hire, and retain team members who exemplify the core values of the organization in partnership with Human Resources. Demonstrate organizational values through leadership and personal behaviors.
    • Lead and manage team members by ensuring clarity of expectations, ensuring team has tools needed to meet expectations, and holding them accountable to performance and behavioral expectations. Address performance issues in a timely basis and provide constructive feedback in a clear and kind manner.
    • Recognize and celebrate staff successes. Provide opportunities for professional development and coaching.
  • Collaboration and Communication
    • Identify synergies and opportunities for team and community collaboration. 
    • Build and maintain relationships with complementary agencies, institutions, and community groups to enhance the delivery of services. Show ability to find win-win opportunities and work for collective impact.
    • Exemplify strong writing and oral communication capacity to represent the interests of Lutheran Social Services compellingly.


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