About Roots ConnectED

Roots ConnectED is the only training for educators that teaches the practical skills of community building and
critical thinking needed for creating intentionally integrated and inclusive school communities. It is for anyone
who seeks ways to build community and connection across lines of differences in an era of racial and economic

Roots ConnectED gives educators the tools to encourage deep connection among children not despite of their
differences, but through honoring them. We know this work is hard and on-going and we value the process.
We also believe that, to do this work well, we must approach it with love, patience, and a commitment to
ongoing work.

Roots ConnectED aims to maximize its impact and broaden its reach by forging relationships with local and national organizations who are equally committed to integration and inclusion. Its vision is to be a leading voice in social justice educational practice.
For more information, please visit http://www.rootsconnected.org/

Job Summary
The Marketing Specialist (“the specialist”) will assist the Executive Director (ED) in managing the marketing and social media strategies of Roots ConnectED. The specialist will play a key role in coordinating and managing Roots ConnectED marketing strategies and social media content including design, content development, networking and market research. As such, the specialist is responsible for ensuring an increase of and continued engagement with a wide audience of existing, new and potential clients, supporters, and aligned organizations for Roots ConnectED through marketing and social media campaigns and research. The specialist is also responsible for ensuring that our strategy and content adapt and expand as the organization evolves and matures. Working closely with the ED, the specialist will contribute to the brand recognition and marketing strategy of the organization with the ultimate goal of increasing Roots ConnectED participants and clients.