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Bridging the Divide: What will your nonprofit do?

Nonprofits can use their credibility as proven champions for the community (not one political side or the other) to bring unnatural allies together. Nonprofits do this all the time. For instance, a community organization seeking support for a bike lane learns to navigate opposition from those in the community who don’t want the bike lane. There may be legitimate safety concerns about how narrow the road will become with the addition of a bike lane. Listening to the other’s side’s concerns creates better solutions. Your nonprofit may have led many similar conversations.

Leading with Empathy

When we think about the characteristics of a charitable organization – a “public benefit” corporation (that’s the official IRS moniker for charitable nonprofits) – elephants may not immediately come to mind. But for those of you who are familiar with research about elephants, you’ll know what I’m about to share and why I’m suggesting that nonprofit leaders should try to be more like elephants.

How to Be a Rockstar Board Chair

Whether through a thoughtful selection process or luck of the draw, you find yourself the newly anointed chair of the board. Now what?

Going to a conference? How to make the learning last

Have you ever participated in a professional development conference where you listened intently, asked a few questions, and dutifully took notes, only to discover that the most memorable parts of the conference (besides the cookies) were the conversations you had in the hallways or during lunch? That’s a risk in our too-busy and technology-saturated lives: learning and retaining what we’re learning seems harder.

How to Find Success in Succession Planning

There are plenty of excellent articles and even research papers on succession planning designed to help nonprofits and boards of directors, but despite the availability of rich resources, transitions of leadership continue to be among the most challeng…

Advocacy Lessons Learned | Don’t Panic, Do Something Meaningful

The White House released a stark budget blueprint that proposes the elimination of 66 programs, many of which support the work of nonprofits in communities.

4 Ways Millennials and Nonprofits Are Perfect for Each Other

Millennials have become the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and employers that ignore the millennial influence do so at their own peril.

From the Mouths of Funders and Nonprofits: 20 Ways to Build Better Relationships

Last week, we held two Great Funder-Nonprofit Relationships programs in partnership with Exponent Philanthropy, generously supported by the Fund for Shared Insight. More than 200 total participants, representing both funders and nonprofits, joined us …

Candid Conversations

At the National Council of Nonprofits, we are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for emerging trends or cultural norms: both those that prevent charitable nonprofits from advancing their missions, and those that get in the way of effectiveness.

The Power of Feedback

When we stop listening we may miss feedback that could improve our work. Recognizing this, many charitable nonprofits have created “feedback loops” as an intentional process to ensure that they are first listening to what their beneficiaries have to say, and second, that they incorporate suggestions from those they serve into the nonprofit’s operations and activities.

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